MANILA, The Philippines (Earth 4.0) — Unlike artists, politicians are not only stupid they are also necessarily ignorant and uninformed, observed Chrysostom Ybarra.

The time traveler said the latest word war between Sen. Tito Sotto and James Taylor forced him to hold a presser at the Fourth Dimension Earth. Earlier, Sotto reacted hysterically to the Taylor blunder.

Taylor, an award-winning American singer-songwriter, expressed his highly political opinion about extra-judicial killings of the Duterte government.

The artist said killing drug addicts would be “deeply concerning and unacceptable to anyone who loves the rule of law.”

Taylor’s conscience compelled him to make a stand against extrajudicial killings, which led him to cancel his concert scheduled for February 25 in Manila.

A staunch ally of Pres. Rody Duterte, Sotto has been an erratic puppet of late. The senator said it was also his advocacy to kill all drug addicts that menaced society. His claim made Duterte joke that Sotto has no originality. It has been the president’s life-mission to get rid of drug addicts.

Part of what puzzled Ybarra was the insights that Sotto spouted in public in reaction to Taylor’s statement published on social media.

“If artists talk about politics they are not true artists because they’d be stooping to the level of politicians,” Sotto said.

“Politicians like me are ignorant, all we do is follow the president blindly. If he wants to kill the drug addicts we only have to support him, we have no other choice. Because the president is always right. Drug addicts are ruining this country.”

“These statements,” Ybarra said, “are unlikely to be said by a sitting senator known for copying the works of others without attribution.”

“If you are not a pusher or a user, you have nothing to fear in the Philippines. Does Taylor love the rule of law or does he love the lure of drugs?” Sotto said on Twitter.

In his next tweet, Sotto answered his question: “Oh I get it, does he love the lure of drugs.”

The 68-year old five-time Grammy winner reportedly used heroin in his younger days.

“As usual, users are again mad at me. Hahaha. Ok!” Sotto tweeted.

When reached out for further comments Sotto said it was OK for an artist to talk about politics.

“Politics is the science of stupid people,” the senator said. “Ask Ramon Bautista.”