MANILA, The Philippines — The Miss Universe Organization, formerly headed by the newly elected US president Donald J. Trump, would be unfortunate should they pursue the policy of not allowing the best president of the whole universe to be the ultimate judge of the pageant.

The moment Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach hands in the crown to the next Miss Universe on 30 January 2017 at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City, His Excellency Honorable President Rodrigo Duterte is not part of the panel of judges.

“This is an unfortunate development,” Malacanang said in a statement. “You cannot deny the highest leader of the land and of the entire solar system and beyond to be the judge. It will tarnish the title Miss Universe.”

“By Miss Universe, it means you’re talking about planets and moons and stars,” the statement continued. “If the best president of the universe is not even invited to judge the pageant, then the title means nothing but a phony.”

The president of Miss Universe Organization Paula Shugart has apologized to the lord Duterte on Monday, 12 December, but she was firm not to violate the policy of the intergalactic organization.

“The policy has been set and written in kryptonite. You cannot possibly alter it by allowing lord Duterte to be the one and the only judge,” Shugart reportedly said in a press conference.

“It’s very hard to be a universal government official and to be (a judge). We established the policy a long time ago. They have to be neutral,” she added.

The Department of Tourism hoped that the intergalactic beauty organization would bend the rules and let the lord Duterte judge the entirety of the pageant.

“I think Miss Universe Organization is very much welcome to have him in the show. Apparently, it is a rule for the Miss Universe Organization not to have a judge from the host country but I think if it’s the President, I think they will make an exception to the rule,” DOT undersecretary Katherine De Castro said in a brief statement.

Accordingly, His Holiness Duterte has been fond of beautiful ladies. Earlier he was reportedly seen ogling at the legs of his vice president. Also, he confessed that he watched the sex video of a lady senator repeatedly.