MANILA, The Philippines — Coinciding with the celebration of the International Human Rights Day, the lord president Rodrigo Duterte has said he would miss his target of the number of people killed in his war against illegal drugs, which is the benchmark of a successful presidency.

When asked about missing his target of 100,000 dead bodies dumped in Manila Bay in 6 months, the brown fuhrer said he still has enough time. But in the spirit of human rights festivities, Duterte would suspend his plan pending God’s approval.

Malacanang assured the supportive public that there will be a pause for reflection. He said he would ask God for guidance bout how to eliminate the poor drug addicts and shabu peddlers without appearing like the villain in a horror story.

“The government does not condone extrajudicial killings,” the divine leader said. “But I promised God during the campaign that I will dump 100,000 dead bodies in Manila Bay. I will ask God if he would allow me to break my vow.”

The holy president added that just as God is always faithful to his promises he would also like to keep his words. Whatever message he would receive in his prayers and regular conversations with God, the people would have the privilege to know.

In an interview over the state-run dzRB radio, Communications Assistant Secretary Ana Marie Banaag clarified the president’s statements, “We do not condone human rights violations and we are against any extrajudicial killings.”

“The lord president obeys the voice of God,” she said.

His excellency president Duterte has recently earned praise and adoration from the newly-elected US president Donald Trump. The American leader was reportedly impressed by the spate of killings in the Philippines amidst the ongoing war against illegal drugs.

Banaag said that the Philippine National Police (PNP) organization has been doing its best to protect its interests. She praised the dedication of PNP chief Bato de la Rosa in shielding the police officers accused of murdering helpless drug addicts and shabu pushers.

The lord president has said in his previous statements that the state did not sanction extrajudicial executions. That would be unconstitutional. The leader said he assumed sole responsibility for the killings. In the meantime, he would like to suspend the killing spree.

“Wait for what God tells me, and you will know,” the lord president said.