MANILA, The Philippines — The sexiest angel in the lord president’s heaven has been viciously attacked by the yellow demons of the Elpiland.

According to the goddess Mocha Uson, she’s under attack because of her beauty and undying love and support for the demigod president of the republic, His Highness Rodrigo Duterte.

Mocha voiced out her supporters’ complaint that the attacks allegedly came from the mainstream media the Elpiland controlled. “I received a lot of complaints about singling us out Duterte Supporters especially me — [these attacks came] from, Rappler,, and BBC News (BBC Trending),” Mocha wrote in her latest blog entry.

Her followers and fellow worshippers of the lord president reportedly asked her reaction to the attacks. “Honestly, I don’t give a f*ck,” she said assuring her man to whom she reserved the act.

“I am not here to please them. I only exist to voice out the cry of the ordinary Filipinos,” she said in tears, occasionally wiping her eyes.

One of the lines of attack the yellowtards have allegedly thrown at her was the fake news label. Fake news has been transforming the world over on how people perceive reality. It has influenced election results in the United States with the emperor Donald Trump winning the race last November.

“I don’t care what they said about me. I don’t read them (the above-mentioned media outfits). Honestly, they’re full of bullshit,” she said.

She claimed she has overtaken mainstream media’s popularity as the major reason for such attacks.

“Am I fake news?” she asked. “The real reason why they want to discredit me and the rest of Duterte Pages is this: there is no engagement on their pages.”

These attacks have been orchestrated by the yellow Aquino machine, Mocha alleged. She’s the sexiest and the hottest target but the ordinary people are on her side.

“Netizens are on the side of Pro-Duterte Pages the reason why they have to destroy us [was] for the people to return to biased media and be brainwashed again (with truth and facts.)”

Mocha has been advocating a fact-free journalism devoid of truth which she called the unbiased type of reporting. She also promoted twisted arguments and logical fallacies equating Duterte as the entire nation.

“Those who opposed the president committed treason,” she once said.

The goddess aroused the enthusiasm and dedication of her followers and worshippers to rally behind her against the biased yellow media of the Elpiland.

“Mocha Uson is not me. It is you. It is your voice,” she said.