MANILA–The leader of the Philippines recently received praise and approval from another global leader for his campaign against the users and small-time peddlers of illegal drugs.

His highness President Rodrigo Duterte was all smiles while talking to President-elect Donald Trump of the United States. They discussed the death toll of Duterte’s war on drugs.

The lord president of the Filipino people clarified he was not fighting drugs but drug users and small-time peddlers involved in petty crimes.

“I don’t fight drugs because drugs cannot fight me,” he said. “But I kill shabu (methamphetamine) addicts and drug pushers because they scourged and menaced society.”

According to Duterte’s horde of interpreters and explainers, Trump praised the lord for his accomplishments. The American leader also loved to see the lord president face to face.

Trump’s approval and support made Duterte the happiest man on Friday night. According to the-closest-to-the-truth Duterte interpreter, Bong Go, the lord was “very engaging” and “animated” during his conversation with the American newly crowned emperor.

“The Western Emperor President-elect Trump wishes to extend his warmest regards to the Filipino people. And in just a few minutes, we were talking [about] a lot of things. He was quite sensitive also to our worry about drugs,” the lord of hosts Duterte said.

“I could sense a good rapport, an animated President-elect Trump. And he was wishing me success in my campaign against the drug problem,” the dear leader added.

The ever brilliant and wise billionaire businessman Trump invited the lord to Washington to demonstrate to the American people the Filipino style of extra-judicial execution of the poor. Just as in America, the poor has been a threat to society and they are detrimental to the interests of the rich.

“He understood the way we are handling it and I said that there’s nothing wrong in protecting a country. It was a bit very encouraging in the sense that… he would be the last to interfere in the affairs of [my] country,” his excellency Duterte explained.

The lord Duterte and emperor Trump vowed to forge stronger ties in their fight against the poor. In the United States, Trump promised to remove American healthcare and to kick illegal immigrants out of the border.

In the Philippines, Duterte has been executing drug addicts as part of his grand plan to eliminate poverty by killing the poor. It was reported that Chinese drug manufacturers and traders remained free to operate their businesses of drugging people ready for execution.

“And he wishes me well too, in my campaign and he said that… well, we are doing it as a sovereign nation, the right way. And he wishes us well. And I said that, well, we assured him of our ties with America,” the lord Duterte said.

“I appreciate the response that I got from President-elect Trump and I would like to wish him success. He will be a good president for the United States of America. I am very sure.”