MANILA — Sen. Bong Revilla Jr. has called the Supreme Court’s dismissal of his petition “unfair.” He questioned whether there was a probable cause to charge him with plunder. It was reported that pork barbecue was Revilla’s favorite, and that no one should sue him for that.

“It’s simply unfair for the Supreme Court to dismiss my petition. Of course, I love pork. I’m not a Muslim. I am a Caviteno. In Cavite, eating pork is not a scam,” Revilla said.

Revilla denied the charges filed by the Office of the Ombudsman that he was involved in pork barrel scam that dragged several senators and congressmen. The Ombudsman found out that Revilla should be charged with plunder because he was caught hoarding all the pork in Calabarzon.

“That’s not true,” he said. “Although I love pork barbecue I can only eat as much — 2 sticks, 3 sticks.”

In line with this Revilla accused Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales with “committing grave abuse of discretion.” Asked about what did he mean by that, he said, “She’s hiding the gravy. So I have to make do with soy sauce and vinegar.”

On 28 march 2014, the Office of the Ombudsman issued a joint resolution finding a “probable cause” to file a plunder case against Revilla.

The senator from Cavite argued, “If I was keeping the pork to myself, then my case should not be plunder. The Ombudsman could charge me with hoarding.”

Revilla expressed his disappointment with the Supreme Court and the Ombudsman that he was denied the chance to explain his side of the story. “There was no evidence or whatsoever that I plundered pork,” he said.

“It is my constitutional right to eat pork and to do whatever I want with it. Put it in a barrel, make smoked bacon out of it, scam it. It’s my right,” the senator son of the legendary magical hero added.

There’s no reason for the Ombudsman to cite him with plunder. He’s too handsome for a plunderer. What would his leading ladies say when he’s convicted with plunder?

Also, in his films Panday and Captain Barbel, the characters hate plunderers. Surely, Revilla could not hate himself. It would be absurd to hate yourself after eating a kilogram of pork barbecue without inviting others for beer.

“A kilogram of pork does not cost you P50 million. So why charge me with plunder?”

In dismissing his petition for bail, the Supreme Court was beholden to the interests of the Ombudsman. Of the fifteen Associate Justices, thirteen voted to dismiss the petition, one dissented, and one inhibited.

“All this is unfair,” the senator said.