MANILA — It had everything to do with her color and party. That’s what Vice President Leni Robredo thought about the reason for her break up with the president. She used to be purple but upon joining the Liberal Party her skin turned yellow, and she admitted that she’s starting to love Coldplay’s music.

It was reported that the lord president of the republic ordered his vice president to “desist from attending” cabinet meetings effective 5 December. The divine order prompted the yellow skinned lady to resign from her cabinet post as chief of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

His excellency Rodrigo Duterte earlier said he’s not comfortable working with Robredo because of her skin color. “I cannot imagine myself working with the Simpsons or with one of the Minions,” he said.

“You know, the flag of my beloved motherland has currently four colors — blue, red, white, and yellow. If you look at it closely, yellow is the minority color. I hate that f***ing color. You know why. I am red and I will issue an executive order changing yellow into red,” the lord president explained.

Duterte’s explanation confirmed Robredo’s suspicions of the plot to remove the yellow sun and stars from the flag and replace them with red windmills.

The conduit of the president, Ernesto Abella, interpreted the embodiment of Zeus as saying he was no longer content with ogling at Robredo’s legs. He wanted to turn her skin into a smoking hot red but she repeatedly refused him.

“The lord, I suppose, felt uncomfortable with her,” Abella said.

When a reporter asked Abella whether the president loves yellow, he replied, “I cannot speculate on that.”

“Remember that it is his personal choice… and should the lord come to the point where he feels that he… is uncomfortable… it is his prerogative to release [her],” Abella added.

The lord president was reportedly unhappy about the actions of Robredo who sought to paint the streets and government buildings yellow. That spelled their “irreconcilable differences.”

The vice president has been vocal in her opposition to the burial of Ferdinand Marcos and the Heroes’ Cemetery. Marcos was red, and black, and blue.

Last Monday, Robredo submitted her resignation letter in a yellow pad. When the president received it, he accepted her resignation right away just to get rid of the paper.

“There are members of the Cabinet who don’t want me there, but Bongbong Marcos instead,” Robredo said referring to the son of the most famous dictator in the history of the Philippines.

“Bongbong joined the president in China, and he was introduced as vice president. But I endured all of these,” the vice president has said.

“They are trying to erase my color and repaint my walls with red. If that’s the case, I would rather resign and sell yellow slippers in Quiapo,” Robredo continued. Her late husband was a successful businessman who used to peddle yellow slippers in Naga City.

Asked about how the president informed her, Robredo said, “[It] was a confluence of so many events already. I have been warned. Then I received the text message on Saturday.”