MANILA — The most powerful man in Malacañang, Rodrigo Duterte, has not employed “double standard” yet in his campaign against drug addicts and small-time peddlers. Not for the time being.

The lord president admitted that he’s planning to acquit those who were jailed for illegal drugs violation but contributed to his campaign kitty during the last election. He also assured the big time shabu manufacturers and suppliers not to worry about their business. As long as the money goes into his Bank of the Philippine Islands accounts in Julia Vargas, they’re in good hands.

But the president’s plan, according to Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, has not been implemented. The reinstatement of Supt. Marvin Marcos was not an implementation, it was only to test the waters.

It was earlier reported that Peter Lim was a good friend to the almighty Duterte. So far the government has not distanced itself from its accusation of Lim as a “big fish” in the narcotics trade.

In a radio interview, Andanar has said that Malacanang will be implementing the “double standard” plan in time if not soon.

Andanar singled out Sen. Leila de Lima’s allegation that Duterte was a protector of drug lords and drug syndicates. On the contrary, Andanar countered, the lord Duterte was the protector of the law.

“Lord Duterte, our most high president, is lawmaker and lawgiver. He is also law protector. In the streets, big time drug lords are law, and the lord president protects the law. Now go figure out with this logic,” Andanar said.

The reinstated police official was tagged in the killing of Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr., a suspected drug lord and potential political opponent of the administration in the drug addict-infested town of Albuera, Leyte.

The president has said he wanted to ensure that Marcos remained in his post because he was a Marcos. Duterte was fond and fan of the Marcoses.

When the Malacanang Press Corps forced Andanar to answer the question about the lord Duterte’s attributes, he responded with great pride, “The President is the President of the land and he is the number one protector of our laws in the land.”

“I do not think and I do not believe, and it has not crossed my mind, that the President is what as you have said,” Andanar said. “Lord president was not a protector of drugs but of law.”

Andanar approved the idea that De Lima was entitled to her personal opinion because “she is a senator of the land.” If she did not express her opinion, she would not be elected senator, Andanar said. But it didn’t mean she’s right about her opinion that lord Duterte was beholden to the interests of drug lords.

When a reporter asked about Duterte’s perceived “double standard,” Andanar replied, “What do you think? Maybe you should answer that question.”

Andanar invited the lord president’s critics to offer their counsel. “Any suggestions and objective criticisms coming from… our wise men… are accepted wholeheartedly and we shall be guided by any suggestions and any criticism.”