MANILA — Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa revealed how he was trained as a policeman in the art of keeping secrets.

In a Senate hearing on Monday Sen. Leila de Lima asked de la Rosa for reasons of his refusal to disclose the man behind the reinstatement of Police Superintendent Marvin Marcos.

“We are trained not to divulge. I cannot tell it right away that the President had a hand in it (the reinstatement).” de la Rosa said.

Marcos was the police official detained in connection with the killing of the suspected drug lord, Rolando Espinosa, who happened to be the mayor of a drug-infested town of Albuera, Leyte.

De la Rosa defended Rodrigo Duterte’s personal public policy of going after drug addicts and small-time peddlers instead of drug manufacturers and suppliers. It was reported that the methamphetamines came from China. And Duterte’s mission was to bring the Chinese drug to the country, administer them to the poor, and kill those who have used the drug to satisfy his thirst for blood.

De Lima, known for her undying affection for the president, questioned the secrecy of Duterte’s love for her. “Why didn’t you tell it to the public that the president has a crush on me?” the senator asked.

“When push comes to shove I would tell you,” de la Rosa answered. “But if you want, let’s change position. You will be his confidant and I will be his crush.”

“And that’s the reason why the president reinstated Marcos?” asked de Lima.

“I lied. And I’m trained to lie in the name of the president,” the PNP chief answered. “The main reason why he reinstated Marcos because he wants to save you from being linked to Espinosa’s killing. You know the president loves you.”

De Lima blasted de la Rosa, “You’re running in circles. You could have told me that yesterday. I would have sent a thank you note to the president.”

De la Rosa earlier denied Duterte had a secret love for de Lima. He also said it was the Special Assistant to the President, Christopher “Bong” Go, who had a crush on her. That was the lie.

A day later Duterte admitted his desire to ogle at de Lima’s cleavage to find out if it was the same cleavage he saw in the video. That sex video of de Lima and her driver made an impression to the president.

The secrecy of Duterte’s affection angered de Lima. The lady senator berated de la Rosa, “Do not argue with me. I am not the one asking here. Do not argue with me! I’ve had enough of you, you’re all liars.”