CEBU CITY—Senator Vicente Sotto III described himself as president Rodrigo Duterte’s staunch ally and supporter. In fact, he said he’s encouraging the president to kill all suspected pushers or users of illegal drugs without due process.

The loyal senator said that the news the mainstream media reported is not accurate. Compared to the “whole picture” the extrajudicial killings is minuscule.

He said the number of suspects killed amounts only to 5 percent of the government’s target. It has not marked with a dent yet in Duterte’s dream accomplishment as president.

Sotto who also opposed same-sex marriage and reproductive health care for women said of the 37,346 police operations related to extrajudicial killings only 2,004 had been killed. That’s a little fraction of the president’s overall goal which was set at 3 million.

He said the police must not brag about their accomplishment. “You cannot overblow the whole thing,” he said in a speech to celebrate the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Month. The event was held in Cebu City.

He expressed his frustration over the inefficiency of the police force. Only 38,587 have been arrested so far. That’s way too low. The Philippine National Police (PNP) must do something or he would quit from the noontime show Eat Bulaga. The senator is also a TV host.

Sotto said that those who died were those who were killed by the police because they engaged in gunfights. If they didn’t engage in gunfights they would still be killed he said.

“I never fail to smile every time they mentioned the issue of extrajudicial killings,” the good senator said. “Just look at the statistics. It’s really the way you picture things.”

In his calculation of the total number of drug-related killings, he said he did not include those who were killed by vigilantes. The police he said was not doing their job.

The brilliant senator also lashed out foreign news publications because they focused too much on the number of killings and not on the joy of killing the drug suspects. He said international journalists missed that point.

The academically superior senator pointed out foreign news organizations like The Liberation, The Guardian, Time, The New York Times and Washington Post. These publications he said are biased therefore not worthy to be plagiarized.

Sotto casts his support behind Duterte in criticizing the international media. “If only the international media could highlight the total picture, it will be a different story,” he said.

“They have made a wrong notion about what is happening in the Philippines today. There’s a misinterpretation of things that are happening,” he said.

He said he was sad because most stories of the New York Times lack picture. The international media must fill their papers and websites with pictures.

“The Philippines is a very beautiful country. Now, people who come here are no longer afraid of drug addicts roaming around different places,” the firebrand senator said encouraging foreigners to take pictures of the country.

“There are still those who are into illegal drugs that is why our efforts should be continued,” he further said.

There is no end to the killings. Drug addicts must be destroyed.