The Truest News is designed to provide the readers with a daily dose of satire. Be they news stories or political analysis or sports and entertainment — there’s no exception as long as there are angles that readers need to know about.

In case you want to know how I came up with the title, there’s no magic involved in it. It just came to me like an inspiration from heaven. God must have spoken to me telling me to create this website with the title The Truest News. And everything was good.

Voice of God. Photo:

I would have chosen “The Fake News” but that would defy God’s command to spread the truth. I don’t want to offend the Lord, thus, the title. In case you’re wondering whether I’m serious, you can hold that judgment until the Judgement Day.

The vision of The Truest News is, to tell the truth, nothing but telling the truth in the grandest fashion through satire. It is fully at the reader’s discretion how he or she receives the truth because nothing is truer than The Truest News.